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Trakm8 helps fleets get a health check with latest white paper

Trakm8 has released its latest white paper aimed at helping fleet managers plan preventative measures to ensure their fleet stays fit and healthy.

Planned, preventative maintenance saves fleets money, says Trakm8, which can cost a company as much as £800 per van per day, according to recent research by Northgate. Extrapolating the data, this can cost a fleet with 100 vans £320,000 per year in lost revenue as a result of downtime.  This can be further exacerbated by clients placing clauses in service level contracts that fine fleets when deliveries aren’t made within specified windows.

With as many as 70 electronic control units in a van, and with diagnostic trouble codes  being reported by the ECU, fleets have at their fingertips all the necessary information required to avoid costly time off the road. Drivers can often be forgetful to report instances of dashboard warning lights or messages, and therefore telematics that monitor these engine readouts can be an essential tool in keeping on top of problems before they arise and therefore ensuring your fleet, and business, remains mobile.

Trakm8 points to a recent extensive trial by the AA, that encompassed 10,000 member vehicles and found that telematics prevented more than a third of vehicle issues becoming roadside breakdowns.

The white paper further discusses the merits of vehicle health checks, the importance of true odometer values rather than GPS-based readings, keeping on top of easily forgotten maintenance such as ensuring Adblue isn’t forgotten and more.

The white paper can be accessed via Trakm8’s website, here:



Written by Jonathan Musk

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